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Alice Dustin is an oil painter who delights in color and the way oil paint can be put down with a brush. Alice Dustin is known for her impressionistic style, a natural result of alla prima painting, done in or outdoors reacting to the subject at hand.

Dustin’s themes range from still life to land or cityscape and include the figure and the animal world. Alice Dustin’s professional career began with languages and teaching. She holds an MAT from Harvard and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. For many years she taught French and then English as a second language from the university level to preschool, in public and private settings. She is the mother of two grown children and when they no longer needed her time, she picked up a life-long love. In 1997 she began painting in and out of class. Considered a self-taught artist, she studied with several Philadelphia artists: John Devlieger, Stan Bielen, Giovanni Cassedei, Al Gury, and Christine Lafuente. Now she herself teaches oil painting with Main Line School Night.

Alice Dustin has chosen her medium to suit her talents and personality. She is an enthusiastic and spontaneous person and finds the qualities of oil paint suit her well. She enjoys the creamy consistency of oils which she applies to a prepared surface that allows for a fluid movement of the paint. Doing a loose under-painting she grounds her expression in a clear and dramatic sense of light and dark. From there she is free to respond to color and to make the brush stroke give life to her work. She appreciates the understated and ultimately finds harmony in simple themes.

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