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Steven White is an undefined, self-taught,artist. He is a contemporary, tonalist painter. His work, created with brushes and palette knifes, is done in a blend of representational and impressionistic style. From dramatic skies to whimsical animals his paintings capture the beauty of nature and evoke heartfelt emotions and joy. His traditional landscapes of Pennsylvania farms and woodlands, Schuylkill River Heritage areas and the Adirondack Mountains have awarded him with regional and national recognition. 


 Artist Background

Gifted with a natural ability, his urge to paint became overwhelming in the late 1980's and he began to paint in watercolor.  Almost from the beginning his watercolor paintings were show worthy and were accepted into prominent shows on a national level.  Awards followed as did publications in books and magazines.

There comes a time in an artist’s life when they feel the need to evolve and move in new directions.  Within the past ten years Steven felt the need to work in a more opaque medium and in a more representational, impressionistic style. He took some time off and studied impressionistic paintings and techniques.  After extensive research on the impressionist’s interpretation of color theory and experimenting with acrylics and oils he now has ultimately embraced oils and is enjoying a rebirth and a fresh look at nature. Watercolors will always remain a special part of his creativity and he will continue to work in that medium.

Artist Statement

I am a self-taught artist. My paintings are primarily landscapes done in oil or transparent watercolor.  I have always been emotionally drawn to render scenes and events where I live. My attachment to the outdoors motivates me to record scenes on paper as a way to preserve what I see disappearing. I feel that an artist should not be afraid to venture outside his comfort zone and explore new water. I believe in doing so can only improve his artistic ability. Before an artist can paint, he needs to learn how to see!  An artist’s gift is his ability to see something special in an otherwise ordinary scene and with absence of elegance dares to repeat nature in all its intricate simplicity.

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