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David’s work has evolved from realism to impressionism, and now to a semi-abstract style, appealing to an emotional response rather than the subjective.  He makes simple expressions of more complex emotions, expressing the inexpressible – similar to haiku. The essence of the work is between the canvas and the viewer.  Some work has a soothing mystical, or ethereal appeal, while others are more experimental color studies. All of his work is untitled, allowing individuals to relate them to their own sensibilities.  

His landscapes consist of two planes with minimal detail divided by a horizon suggestion.  The spaces are filled with color and light, starting with the basic forms of black and white, or dark color.  He then layers paint in multiple layers of acrylic color, working generally from dark to light. The layering creates a certain luminosity, and deeper richness to the final color.  Some of the colors seem to have a light from within. He uses soft transitional edges to add to the subtle mystery, drawing the viewer into the work. 

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