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November & December 2022

Wrap it Up!!!

This show features paintings by Sandra Severson, Barbara Grant, Lini Stevens, Ann Guidera-Matey, Sandy Askey Adams, Diane Cannon, Madeleine Kelly, Karen Weber, Beth Kaylor Brunner, Radhika Srinivas, Laura Brady, Casey Lynch, Al Moretti, Rick Phillips, Karen Weber, Patricia Walkar, Michael Altman, Corien Siepelinga, Donna Porter, Robin Sesan, Kim Smith, and Merrill Weber. Pottery artists include Victoria Kavalerov, Bridget Huhges, Suzanne Kent, Jacqueline Henisee, patty Baumeister, and Sheri Bare, Jewelry artists include Caryn Hetherston, Diana Eldreth, Hattie Weselyk and J & I jewelry

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