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Interested in partnering with us?  Find out all the details here!


Welcome!  If you are an artist who is interested in partnering with us, you have come to the right place! On this page we will discuss what we are looking for in the artists we represent and how we will work together to successfully sell fabulous artwork.  Have a look through the details, and if you feel your work could be a fit, please fill out the submission form below.  


We are looking for...

  • Professional artists who have had success selling their work in other venues.

  • Artists with a current website as well as an Instagram account.

  • Artists must be able to show a consistent body of work with consistent quality and technical excellence in the medium selected.  Artwork should look like it was produced by the same hand.  We are most interested in consistency (not range) so keep this in mind when submitting work for review.

  • Images of artwork submitted for review will have been completed within the last 3 years (it is permissible to submit work that has been sold for review).  Please include current prices with your images.

  • Artwork must be framed in a professional manner and presented in pristine condition - with no chips or dents, when matting is used it will be cut correctly and will be clean of any debris, fingerprints, etc.  Canvas wrapped work will not be accepted.

  • Evidence of an established artist following is preferred.

  • Artists must be technologically savvy and computer literate.

  • The focus of our gallery is on displaying technically excellent artwork which promotes feelings of peacefulness or happiness - things that make you feel good when you look at them - we are not interested in dark, moody work, and will not consider any artwork with any sort of political message.

  • We do not accept photography or digital artwork

  • Artists will be expected to promote the shows they are participating in on social media, both prior to the show opening, and for the duration of the show.  Artists will tag the gallery in posts they make, and the gallery will tag the artist as well in any promotions they do.  

  • Artists are expected to submit work via email per deadlines listed in the emails sent for submission of new work for shows.   Artists will be on time for drop off and pick up of work.

  • Artists will be expected to attend openings.  If work sells during the show, the artist will be permitted to add additional pieces to replace those sold.   The gallery will receive commission for work sold in the show, whether sold by the gallery or by the artist.  

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