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Diane Cannon is a former teacher of gifted students with an MA from Temple University.  She has used her talents developing and instructing lessons in architecture, archaeology, economics and the fine arts.  As an ESL instructor with American Teachers Abroad, Diane used the arts to encourage conversation with lessons based on art history from the Classical, Renaissance, and Impressionist periods. 

Diane served as President of the Studio Group, Inc. in Wilmington, DE and has served on the boards of the Delaware Foundation for the Visual Arts ( DFVA ), and the DelawareValley Art League as exhibition chairman.   Diane studies, paints and exhibits at the Howard Pyle Studio in Wilmington.  The Studio Group owns and maintains the Howard Pyle Studio buildings and grounds.  The Studio is open to the public during exhibits, first Fridays, and for tours by appointment.

Inspiration for Diane's paintings is drawn from children, the Brandywine Valley environment, her travels, and the The Brandywine River Museum where she volunteers.  She has been a frequent award winner in many juried shows.  She received the W. Emerton Heitland Memorial Award for her painting "Five Ibis" in the PWCS 110th International Exhibition on Oct. 10, 2010.

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