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"That which we elect to surround ourselves with becomes the museum of our soul and the archive of our experiences." said Thomas Jefferson.

Aesthetics have always been very important to me, be it in nature or architecture or people.

Many of us look without seeing, but it is essential to really absorb and assimilate what is around us or in front of us. I believe that painting is a celebration of the beauty that is around us.   When I try to capture the majesty of a forest, or the elegance of a structure, or the life experiences stamped on a human face, I feel that I have the best job in the world.

Painting is the most compelling and absorbing thing  I do.   Painting to me is total happiness.

The act of applying paint to a canvas has always been intriguing to me.   To transform a two-dimensional surface  and give it a feeling of space with carefully arranged brush strokes using the right colors and values is pure magic.

My body of work presents a mixture of different moods.  My style is realistic, representational, sometimes close to impressionistic.

You can find a wide range from the quiet and subdued to the exuberant and assertive.   I love painting fast in a loosely realistic manner with quick, bold strokes that capture the essence of the subject matter.  To me every painting is a journey and a challenge.   I love the way light changes at different times of day and how the mood of the subject is affected by these changes.  Nature is a continuous source of inspiration.

I paint because I NEED to.  There is nothing that excites me and occupies my mind and spirit as painting does.   Time flies, yet it stands still.   Everything else around me ceases to exist.   I am totally absorbed in the moment.  The whole process of painting is at once freeing and grounding.   It is spiritual and serene and promotes a feeling of contentment and joy.   My goal is to share the excitement of my experience with the observer.

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