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Shawn Faust is not just an artist, but a custodian of nature's beauty. With an unyielding respect and deep reverence for the natural world, he channels his lifelong fascination with perception into remarkable works of art. Faust's artistic journey is centered around the intricate dance between atmospheric light and the graceful forms of animals, which never fails to captivate and inspire him.

Drawing from his classical training in oils, Faust embraces the rich traditions of portraiture as a symbolic homage to his subjects. Through his brushstrokes, he orchestrates a symphony of colors and textures, resulting in works that seek to elevate the status and awareness of the creatures that share our planet.

As one of America's leading equine artists, Faust's talent has been widely acknowledged and celebrated. His association with prestigious institutions such as the American Academy of Equine Art as a Signature member, the Portrait Society of America as a founding member, and the Oil Painters of America as an Associate member speak volumes about his exceptional skill and dedication.

The enduring legacy of Faust's art can be seen in the permanent collections of the National Museum of Horse Racing and Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs, NY, the National Museum of China in Beijing, China, and the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum in Washington, DC. Each stroke of his brush is a testament to his unyielding commitment to preserving the beauty of nature for future generations.

With every new creation, Shawn Faust invites us to pause, reflect, and cherish the innate splendor that surrounds us. His art serves as a poignant reminder that our relationship with the natural world is not one of dominance, but of awe and interconnectedness.

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