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Remarkably versatile and enthusiastically collected, Karen is perhaps best known for her ability to capture unique quirks and personalities of animals ranging from blackbirds to elephants and fauna of any size and stripe in between. Whether her subject is animal, landscape or purely imaginative, Karen’s favorite method of oil painting is alla prima, a wet-into-wet technique she uses masterfully to achieve spontaneity, liveliness and character with purposeful and expressive brush work.  Her love of animals has led her to be a successful pet portrait artist as well as she loves ​to paint pets and work with people to create lasting tributes of their furry best friends. 

Most of Karen’s finished artwork is exceptionally organic in nature, starting with panels that she personally cuts and preps, through frames that she makes herself, often with reclaimed barn wood.Karen is the director of Art Plus Gallery in West Reading. Her work can be seen there as well as in various other venues around Berks and surrounding Counties and States.

She currently resides in St. Lawrence, Pennsylvania with her husband Kevin, children Meilea and Rowan and her wayward rescue hound, Ember.

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