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Patricia Walkar believes that the beauty of art is both a mystery and a healing presence.   It has been said that the beauty of art “changes the resonance in the room”.   It ignites imagination and opens the mind to new possibilities.  It inspires joy and peace simultaneously.  It moves us beyond duties and obligations and into new ways of seeing the world.  It creates a space in which to heal. 


An artist since childhood, Patricia is primarily self-taught.  Drawing has always been a natural form of expression for her, and her fascination with people’s faces led her in the direction of portrait making.  Years ago, her focus shifted to representing her own inner visions and privately held voices in abstract paintings.  At the urging of a patron, she began painting on silk with dyes, and discovered a world of unlimited color and dynamic form with which she could translate the beauty she observed into something that she could create.  


She states:  "The flowers in my paintings choose me.  They call me into their delicate folds of color, they entice me to capture their aliveness in the flow of my dye colors cascading in petals across a sea of white silk.   We do a dance, the blossoms, the dye colors, the silk and me.  We dance the steps of creating, transforming what is indescribable into the tangible.  We dance in a space that is physical and yet, also, spiritual. "


Patricia's focus is to create images that carry you into a world of beauty, 

into the flow and rhythm of color and form, into the intricacy and delicacy of flowers and abstracts where you can be, for a moment, free of care and steeped in wonder.

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